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4. 1 no of hot metal ladle heater (vertical) 5. 2 nos. of hot metal ladle stands etc., III. Scrap Handling Equipment : 1. 4 nos. of 25 M3 volume scrap boxes 2. 2 nos. of self propelled 50 ton load carrying capacity scrap box transfer cars. 3. 2 nos. of 50 ton capacity Weigh bridges. IV. Liquid steel Handling System : consisting of the following ...

HYTOP - EAF-Gunning manipulator - velco.de

The gunning manipulator HYTOP serves for the gunning repair of the electric arc furnace through opened furnace cover. The manipulator is placed nearby the furnace, lifted by a hydraulic cylinder and moved into the furnace from the top.The length of the extension arm is adapted to the conditions at site; usual lengths are 8-11 m.

Horizontal Ladle Repair Machines - monocon.info

Monocon design, manufacture, install and commission a range of mobile and stationary, standardised and customised machines for vertical and horizontal ladle repair.

Molten Metal Handling / Foundry Ladles On Modern Equipment ...

Since we designed the first molten metal handling device and started the Modern Pouring Device Company in 1919, we’ve served the foundry industry with ladle equipment that’s built to last. Modern Equipment Company, Inc. has a solid history of designing manufacturing and servicing foundry ladles and molten metal handling systems for our ...

Equipment List — Kurt Die Casting

Die Cast Machines. 600 Ton Work Centers • 2 – 600 Ton Prince Auto Spray, Auto Ladle, one ABB and one Fanuc. 630 Ton Work Centers • 1 – 630 Ton Metric Weingarten Auto Spray, Auto Ladle…

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LADLE Preheating System Details. We are recognized for making the best ladle preheater in the multinational market superiority wise. We are rolling out in overall market with inexpensive rates for ladle preheater and ovens,bogie hearth furnace,heat treatment furnace,aluminium melting furnace,billet reheating furnace products manufactured in dhaka.

Full-Line Secondary Metallurgy Solutions

The extensive and flexible machine equipment optimized for maintenance requirements, the steel construction certified with comprehensive qualification certificate, as well as our; experienced machine, gearbox and repair fitters; guarantee a fast and high-quality repair of your machines (components).

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The pouring robots can be supplied with ancillary devices such as degassing units, ladle cleaning stations and ladle preheating devices. Extraction. In order to automate extraction process of the cast part from the gravity die casting machines we use Gauss portal …

ˆ ˜ ! ˆ Ladle Weighing System

Ladle Turrets Ladle Ferries Fixed Mount Ladle Supports # ˚ %& ’%˝˘ ˇ ˆ(˘)*+,-++ are installed between the base structure and the weigh-bridge, without need for modifications of the ladle supporting geometry ˘ ˇ ˚ The solution allows the total weight of the ladle to be measured with an …

Used High Pressure Die Casting Machines and Equipment For Sale

We buy and sell all types of equipment used in the die casting and foundry industries including: die casting machines, rotor casting machines, low pressure casting machines, permanent mold casting machines, trim presses, melting & holding furnaces, automation, x-ray machines, spectrometers, shot blast, vibratory finishing, inspection, tooling and CNC machining equipment.

Superior Machine

Superior provides vertical and horizontal continuous casting equipment for steel mills spread throughout North America. We provide design engineering, manufacturing, field service capability to repair, replace equipment including complete turnkey revamps and upgrades of casting equipment.

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Gravity die casting equipment can have a vertical or horizontal mould opening, or tilting technology with 0/90 ° or 0/120 ° tilting provides an alternative. With tilting die-casting, the metal flow at the die inlet is controlled by the tilting angle and speed of the die.

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Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine is suitable for the production of large parts with high strength requirements. At present, we produce cold chamber die casting machines from 80 tons to 400 tons, including TDC 80T, TDC 120T, TDC 180T, TDC 250T, and TDC 400T.


O vertical, output upwards U vertical, output downwards Position of Input Shaft C coaxial (standard) V offset (angle spur gear stage) W angle-type (bevel gear stage) Cooling O no cooling W oil/water cooling compartment E external cooling Electric Drive P shaft with key D direct-attached motor L motor bell housing and coupling R * belt transmission

Steel Industry Repairs | Steel Mill Repairs

Four purpose-designed boring machines were used simultaneously to speed the in-situ process. Facing of a Milling Bowl Overhaul of a Roll Turning Lathe Cutting of a Vertical Turning and Boring Machine Mechanical Processing of a Machine Casing Repair of a Broken Side Plate Repair of a 3 Ton Upper Tool Part Milling of a Mill Foundation

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Bushman’s ReNEW repair examples show how they repair and refurbish coil grabs, sheet lifters, ID lifters, clamshell bucket and tong grabs without downtime. 800.338.7810 About

Automated Tapping for all types of steelmaking converters ...

Automatic tapping procedure—including control of vessel position, ladle car movement, and positioning of the chute for ladle alloying; Comprehensive safety concept that meets the latest standards for operational safety; Maintain manual tapping as hot-stand-by and for training

Castables for Torpedo Ladles - monocon.info

Castables for Torpedo Ladles Requiring superior impact and abrasion resistance, the material of choice for Torpedo throats and cone end safety linings is Monocon's LC 1600 ASC grade. Specifically engineered for Torpedo Ladle Lids, Monocon's Heatshield 1700 is an insulating castable with superior strength and long life.

Ladle Beam | Ladle Hooks | J Hooks for Lifting

Palm bushings protect the paper roll or ladle trunion from wear. Radial key retains the palm bushings in place. An 80-ton capacity, reeved in power rotating ladle beam with fabricated chase blocks and ladle hooks with bronze palm bushings and hardened steel eye bushings. These 80-ton capacity riveted ladle hooks are for the 80 ton ladle beam above.

#2 Foundry Ladle Maintenance and Trouble Shooting 10/10/15 ...

The Right Ladle for the Right Job. General ladle maintenance and trouble shooting is simpler if the basics are right to start with and the ladle is designed for the actual purpose it is used for. It is appreciated that over the years many foundries build up a stock of ladles, usually of different types and often in various states of repair.

China type of ladle in casting Manufacturers, Suppliers ...

Hot CNC Machining Center, Cast Iron Milling Machine, CNC Vertical Milling Machine. What are the Types of Ladle ? The ladle is a transfer barrel or pour out the molten iron vessel, and it is often used in foundries. Foundry ladles are normally rated by their working capacity rather than by their physical size.

US3540713A - Steel making ladle construction - Google Patents

US3540713A US3540713DA US3540713A US 3540713 A US3540713 A US 3540713A US 3540713D A US3540713D A US 3540713DA US 3540713 A US3540713 A US 3540713A Authority US United States Prior art keywords metal lining ladle shell construction Prior art date 1969-02-24 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

US4488711A - Treating ladle for ductile iron treatment ...

A treating ladle for use in a foundry in the production of ductile iron is disclosed wherein the treating ladle has a removable bottom portion and a detachably connected ladle carrier. The ladle carrier includes a bail carrier adapted for connection to a hoist and a retaining ring pivotally connected to the bail carrier to support the treating ladle for a tipping motion for emptying the ...

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CALDE® MACHINE LADLE V: Vertical gunning device for hot or cold maintenance. Ask our team of steel experts for a quote and to find out about our references with industry leaders. Focus: Calderys Machines For Steel Ladle Maintenance The bricks are available in all standard shapes and are designed to resist common steel ladle stresses

China Dual-purpose Pouring Steel Ladle Manufacturers ...

Dual-purpose Pouring Steel Ladle Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, Wanting on the long run, a protracted way to go, continually striving to become the all team with full enthusiasm, one hundred times the confidence and put our company created a beautiful environment, advanced merchandise, good quality first-class modern business and get the job done hard!

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Customised Machines & Equipment. Customised Machines & Equipment. Monocon are international specialists in the design and development of innovative, value-adding steel making equipment. Monocons UK engineering team travel the world, working with clients to understand their needs, requirements and space constraint in order to find the idealise ...

Vertical Lime Kiln Suspended Work Platform — Bricking ...

Oct 23, 2013· A unique solutions to refractory maintenance on a vertical kiln, borrowing an example for the sugar industry. GOING VERTICAL: Bricking Solutions of Monroe WA USA has been supplying refractory installation equipment to the cement, lime and other process industries for over 40 years.

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Bushman's Ladle Beams & Hooks can assist you in your material handling needs, no matter how intricate or heavy. If you can make it, we can move it. 800.338.7810

Hot Metal Handling Equipment - Ladle Transfer Car ...

Remso offers Ladle transfer cars are used to carry hot metal ladles to be feed into a pig, billet, bloom or ingot casting machine, or transfer within a plant for further processing of molten metal. Our self-propelled ladle transfer cars can be driven by hydraulic motors, electric motors.

Inching Toward Manless Casting | Primetals Technologies

To take an example, the typical position accuracy of a ladle on the ladle turret is in the range of ±250mm in each horizontal direction. Moreover, turrets lift and lower the ladles without precise positioning, meaning that the position of a ladle can vary widely from one ladle to the next.


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